Joanna Stawska

joanna stawska

My name is Joanna Stawska and I help build relationships through efficient communication! I am a certified Positive Discipline educator, trainer, coach and mediator based on NVC (Nonviolent Communication), English teacher and translator. Whatever I have tried in my life, it always ended up with an irresistible need to share my knowledge and passion with others.

Language courses result from my passion for travelling and learning foreign languages. When I got to know and implemented NVC (Nonviolent Communication) on a daily basis, I wanted everyone to start communicating in this way and learn to take care of themselves without hurting others.

Since I gave birth to my first child, Positive Discipline has taken over my heart and made my family’s life a constant source of joy and fulfillment. It became a beautiful complement to the NVC philosophy. That is why I decided to meet other parents and help them discover this world full of love and respect, as well as simple ways of dealing with difficult situations.

Where and from whom did I gain knowledge?

Master’s Degree in Pedagogy

Specialization Early Educationand Teaching English at Gdańsk Univesity

„School for Parents” and „Sibling without competition” courses

the program based, among others, on the series of books A. Faber and E. Mazlish entitled "How to talk so kids will listen.. And listen so kids will talk" and „Siblings without rivalry".

Certification for a Positive Discipline Educator

Translatory Studies

Coaching Studies

Based on needs Coaching led by Pernille Plantener, a certified NVC trainer and an accredited ICF coach, based on the "Coaching for Transformation" method

Language courses and certifications

- language courses in London completed with CPE certificate; - Business English courses in London; - "Start a Business Program" course in Ireland; - TOEIC and TOEFL examiner certification; - ICFE examiner certification; - City & Guilds examiner certification; - Spanish course in Barcelona; - Russian course

mediation studies

Mediation Studies based on NVC (Nonviolent Communication)

NVC courses & training

numerous NVC (Nonviolent Communication) courses and training with international NVC trainers, including Dominika Jasińska, Agnieszka Rzewuska-Paca, Ewa Orłowska, Kay Rung, Pernille Plantener, and Ewa Krzymuska, Tomasz Bagiński.


A series of seminars of Jesper Juul organized by FamilyLab Association