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How do parental consultations look like?

These are individual meetings with one or both parents (live or online), where in the spirit of Positive Discipline, Jesper Juul’s approach and NVC (Nonviolent Communication) we solve specific challenges of a given family. These are one-time or cyclical meetings, during which we focus on identifying the needs of each family member and together look for solutions and specific ways how to meet these needs with joint forces. If necessary, we reach for techniques such as mediation or restorative circles to improve the quality of relationships in the family.

konsultacje rodzicielskie

How much are you investing in your happiness?

Give your family a chance!


99 € for 1 session

1 session = 60 minutes

Give your family a bigger chance!


555 € for 6 sessions

1 session = 60 minutes

Give your family the biggest chance!


799 € for 10 sessions

1 session = 60 minutes