Positive Parenting

From helpless & overwhelmed to more cooperation, peace & loving relationships in your family!


  • get step by step guidance on how to use the tools of Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline, & Montessori to better organise your family dynamics, so that your children get their duties done, you feel fulfilled and all of you go through the day with more cooperation & loving communication
  • learn proven techniques to solve family conflicts
  • gain the tools to handle your own & your childrens’ anger, fear & other strong emotions effectively
  • create more time & space for yourself
  • know exactly what to say to your child in order to achieve cooperation & build trusting and considerate relationships

This life-changing course is ideal for parents of children from 0-10 who want to learn powerful tools that will help them organise the family dynamics more joyfully, peacefully and successfully for everyone involved.



Hi, I’m so happy and grateful that you are here🙂

My name is Joanna Stawska and I help parents build relationships through effective communication. I’m a certified Positive Discipline educator; a trainer, coach, and mediator in the spirit of  Nonviolent Communication; a parenting coach and advisor; a teacher; a Montessori schools’ advisor and most importantly a mother of two great children, who have taught me much more than all the studies, seminars and training I’ve completed!

I’m here to support you in building the family you’ve always dreamed about! Together we can do it even in these challenging times!